Rick Beaubouef, Hess Corporation presenting at the 2016 AAPG Annual Convention & Exhibition  


10:50 am

Tuesday, June 21st 2016

AAPG Convention & Exhibition                                                 

June 19-22nd, 2016

BMO Centre at Stampede Park

Calgary, AB

The Efficient Path to Knowledge Transfer and Collaboration; Platforms for Lean Subsurface Evaluations

R.T. (Rick) Beaubouef  (1) and Kandy Lukats (2)

1. Hess Corporation, 1501 McKinney Street, Houston, TX 77010

2. 3GiG, 1302 Waugh Drive, #124, Houston TX 77019

Hess has an established stage gate process for major capital projects.  Subsurface uncertainty and its impact on field development options is the primary driver in most major capitol decisions.

We recognized a need to provide guidelines for the types of technical work required from subsurface teams and ensure that the right work was done at the right time, with the right level of technical rigor to improve the inputs into the value assurance process for major field development projects. A challenge is how to build efficiency and consistent process or practices into the scientific evaluation of the subsurface without taking away from the creative and innovative methods and approaches teams can utilize in their work.

We developed a common, global system for subsurface evaluations. This system, the Subsurface Milestone & Deliverables (SMD), provides guidelines for project management and stewardship; defines milestones for the delivery of technical products; set standards for integrity of technical products and emphasizes timely collaboration, documentation and knowledge transfer.

In 2012 we developed an online system to house the SMD system: PathFinder2020.  Using lean and continuous improvement approaches we married the need for collecting high quality information content, with ease of use, rapid deployment, measurable adoption and clear alignment with the E&P strategy.

As of 2015 we have seen the following changes and improvements across the company:

  1. Reduced time for on boarding new team members
  2. Significant increase in understanding of the multi disciplinary dependencies at key decision points
  3. Increased efficiency in reporting findings and recommendations into the major capital project decision process

At Hess, PathFinder2020 is not simply a tool.  It represents the “Hess way” of working leading to higher performance, consistency and comparability among assets and opportunities. It allows us to manage knowledge about our assets and provides a corporate memory of the technical basis for the business decisions we make. Because of the standardization of work, the intelligent data base it creates, and reporting functionality, PathFinder2020 provides a Lean method for subsurface evaluations.

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  1. The best of both worlds; creative teams where the left hand and right finally know what each other are doing!

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