Enabling the Human in a Digital Age

Companies need to wring every ounce of value from producing assets.

But are there new ways to leverage information technology to capture and share knowledge as work is done?


Article Highlights:

  • Treating wells as “customers” by integrating the well response and intervention activities into a well customer service process to reduce unplanned downtime;
  • Applying technology to provide “just the right amount of structure” around value added team activities;
  • How to facilitate leveraging knowledge and best practices more broadly across the organization;
  • Capturing knowledge while the work is being done vs. adding work to document actions taken, later;
  • Creating enterprise visibility to track and measure process performance;
  • Enabling opportunities for improvement in the analysis, recommendation and execution of actions for returning wells to production;
  • Building team and individual accountability to align daily work with the highest value activities.

Access Article Here: Hart E&P Magazine October 2017

Request PDF Copy of Article by Emailing: info@3-gig.com

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