3GiG will be joining our partners from Rose & Associates at URTeC to present Appra!
Appra is a one stop shop application with one goal: make it simple for you to manage your Prospects, including all evaluations of risk and resources, over time, for your entire unconventional and/or conventional portfolio. Come see a demonstration of this powerful new tool in Booth #1324! We’ll have a full staff of knowledgeable consultants on site to answer your questions and show you how our latest technology can benefit your company.
For more information on Appra and to schedule a private demonstration, contact us at info@3-gig.com!
Want the latest on Appra from Rose & Associates? Find out more at their website!
Want the latest on Appra from 3GiG? Find out more at 3GiG.com!
What: Appra Demonstrations
Where: URTec 2019, Denver, CO
When: July 22 – 24, 2019
Booth: #1324

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