3GiG Sponsoring & Presenting at the 2nd Annual Data Driven Production Conference


Conference Agenda                                                  

June 7-8, 2016

Doubletree by Hilton Hotel

6 Greenway Plaza

Houston, TX  77046

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Apollo 13 - Failure isn't an option.

Remember Apollo 13, “Houston, we have a problem.” What happened next?

Mission control director, Gene Krantz gathered his experts around a table and requisitioned their best ideas and within hours they had invented new equipment and techniques to solve the most critical issues.

How do you get the same level of innovation from your team when you can’t fit them around a table?

Come hear how companies are changing the bottom line through leveraging 3GiG solutions at DDPC & AAPG in June 2016.




The 3GiG team attended many of the technical presentations and exhibits at last weeks Offshore Technology Conference here in Houston, TX. The conference was a blast!

What were your thoughts and impressions from OTC?


Greetings from Across the Pond!


3GiG LP’s Sasha Gumprecht presented her Masters of Science Thesis on the “Tectono-Stratigraphic Evolution of the Centaur 3D Survey, Exmouth Plateau, North West Shelf, Australia” at the 2016 AAPG-SPE International Conference & Exhibition in Barcelona, Spain.

Shortly after the conference, Ms. Gumprecht spent a week volunteering as an ESL teacher in Causeni, Moldova, living with a local host family and teaching English language lessons to children and young adults.


Sasha Gumprecht Wins Award at GCAGS 2015

S Gumprecht Poster WinnerS Gumprecht PosterS Gumprecht at GCAGS

3GiG LP’s own Sasha Gumprecht took the second place award in the Student Poster category at this year’s 65th annual Gulf Coast Association of Geological Sciences (GCAGS 2015) conference in Houston.  Ms. Gumprecht’s presentation and poster was on her Masters of Science Thesis on the “Tectono-Stratigraphic Evolution of the Centaur 3D Survey, Exmouth Plateau, North West Shelf, Australia” and was part of the Global 3D Seismic – GCSSEPM – session chaired by Eric Scott of Talisman and Thomas Hearon of ConocoPhillips.  Sasha received her award from Meredith Faber, AAPG YP Committee Co-Chair.  Congratulations to Sasha and all the participants in the AAGP-SEG Student Expo!


GCAGS Annual Convention next week – see you there?

“Thunder is good, thunder is impressive – but it is lightning that does the work”  Mark Twain

Another week, another great opportunity to hear the latest news and perspectives from 1,000+ veterans, professionals, and students from the geoscience community throughout the Gulf Coast region as we prepare to join them at this year’s GCAGS conference next week (Sept 20-22nd, George R Brown Convention Center, Houston). 

Lightning 1We’re particularly looking forward to working with our friends at Dynamic Measurement LLC, as they demonstrate how lightning databases open new ways to measure and monitor natural resources – an area of work for which they will be accepting the Grover E Murray award  for best published paper of 2014. (“Aquifers, Faults, Subsidence, and Lightning Databases”) .

Be sure to visit with them at booth 435 to learn more about this new and exciting non-invasive technology, and to hear from H. Roice Nelson and Louis Berent as they demonstrate O&G field correlations from lightning attributes, and show how it is possible to map faults using resistivity and permittivity rock property volumes derived from lightning databases.

Sasha at booth - croppedThe GCAGS is also partnering this year with the AAPG-SEG student Expo, and we’re very excited to see our own Sasha Gumprecht present her MSc Thesis on the Tectono-Stratigraphic Evolution of the Centaur 3D Survey, Exmouth Plateau, North West Shelf, Australia during the oral sessions on Monday afternoon.

Her presentation is part of the Global 3D Seismic – GCSSEPM – Session that will be held in room 310 (chaired by Eric Scott of Talisman and Thomas Hearon of ConocoPhillips).  Join us at 4.30pm for what promises to be a very informative presentation.

We hope to see many of you there!


Creating value along the value chain

We’re very pleased to be joining our friends KCA at the  Houston Energy Breakfast on September 17th, and looking forward to meeting with many of the leading lights in the Oil & Gas industry to discuss the latest insights, developments and perspectives on the current state of the global energy market.

As we were thinking about the theme for this months breakfast – ‘Creating Value along the Value Chain’ – it brought to mind the fascinating book by financial journalist James Surowiecki,  ‘The Wisdom of Crowds’.

In it, Mr Surowiecki shows through a variety of examples from all walks of life that large groups of people are smarter than an elite few, no matter how brilliant–better at solving problems, fostering innovation, coming to wise decisions, even predicting the future those experts may be.

Greg HillDuring Hess Corporations Q1 earnings call on April 29, 2015, COO Greg Hill noted that “Of the $550 million of initial savings we have identified, about $50 million comes from reduction in activity level, $250 million from what I will call self-help cost reductions … that are across the board and come from more than 1,000 different opportunities identified around the company.” 

By any standard, it’s clear that Hess are taking advantage of the wisdom of crowds!

Join us Thursday morning at one of the Houston Energy Breakfast pre-event networking stations, and let’s talk about how Oil & Gas companies in today’s economic environment are capturing the best ideas from their crowd – their employees – and what are the best practices for acquiring, ranking and tracking those new ideas so they can be acted on quickly, creating value all along the value chain.


Thirty years later, the industry is losing its best and brightest, again

“In the 1980s, the oil and gas industry was going through the same crew change as it is now. Highly educated workers were laid off and the cycle is repeating itself. Will the industry learn its lesson this time?”

skitch1-232x300In a new article published in the latest (August 2015) edition of Oil & Gas Engineering, writer Pierre Bertrand tackles some of the issues arising from ‘the big crew change’ we are seeing in Oil & Gas, as we are again faced with thousands of departing experienced oil industry professionals – either forced out by low oil prices, or on the verge of retirement- who will be taking their accumulated experience and knowledge with them.

Our own Kandy Lukats, CEO of 3GiG, was interviewed for the story, and while she points out that “companies are better able to use technology in ways that can create a corporate memory of how employees, technicians, and their leadership carry on large capital decision making projects … the problem you have is, if you’ve lived through the 1980s, you were a young upstart and you wouldn’t have been in a management role to understand the impact on the business during that time. Therefore, companies are almost relearning what their predecessors already went through.”

To read more of this article, you can view the online edition of Oil & Gas Engineering here


Join us at URTeC 2015 in San Antonio

Industry conditions have companies and professionals tightening their belts and evaluating how best to spend their time and budgets. Finding efficiencies for your company, sharing knowledge and maintaining a culture of continuous improvement are always essential elements for successis – and are even more important during a downturn.


Come visit our booth at URTeC to learn how one leading Oil & Gas company has leveraged our Smart Process Application technology to help capture, rank and execute >$500m in combined Opex and Capex cost savings in just the first quarter of 2015.

How big an impact can your team make to your EBIDTA in the next 90 day?   Let’s talk about how we can help you achieve similar results …  We’re looking forward to seeing you there!


Now available: A Garage Full of Ferrari’s

No, not the cars – much better than that!

We’re excited to see that  A Garage Full of Ferraris: How to unleash the potential in your high-performance teams to drive extraordinary results”, a new book on leadership by Keith Johnston is now available for purchase,

FerrarisIn this book Keith takes a unique perspective on leadership, and what it takes to succeed as a leader by introducing us to his ‘Team of Leaders’

– including our own ‘Hippie Chick’, Kandy Lukats –

and then, through a series of stories and insights from each of those leaders about some of the challenges they faced and how they resolved them, he explains, illustrates and deconstructs what it is that makes those people such effective leaders.

Keith reminds us that we can ALL be leaders, and can create success for our companies and our teams by helping people to be their best.  For any aspiring leaders out there, this book is well worth a read!