“The addition of 3GiG to our solutions portfolio helps us extend our brand and value-adding services to existing and new clients in the information management space. Through leveraging 3GiG’s platform, we’ve created an ongoing 7 figure service engagement within a single client, which is driving multiple workflow efficiencies and creating significant value for the client, measurable in an eight figure uplift .”

Dave Rees, SVP Sales & Marketing
RPS Knowledge Reservoir

Solving Problems

3GiG’s Prospect Director™ Platform empowers Smart Partners to quickly and easily translate their domain-level knowledge, subject matter expertise, consulting frameworks and analytical skills to design and deliver Smart Process Applications that address their O&G customer’s most pressing business and operational challenges.

Growing Revenue

3GIG’s data-model driven technology helps Smart Partners stay ‘top of mind’ with their customers by delivering simple, scalable, cost effective Smart Process Application solutions that are easy to use and maintain, and provide the reporting and tracking mechanisms that can measurably demonstrate results and ROI.

Reducing costs

Smart Partners can leverage 3GiG’s platform infrastructure, intuitive tools, short design and deploy cycles and easily repeatable methodologies to assemble leaner in-house teams, reducing the fixed costs of unstaffed time, recruiting, training, marketing and sales associated with traditional project-based consulting.

Agile Methodology

Agile Methodology

Smart Partners’ sales and technical training journey begins with our Innovation Workshops. Delivered in person, via videos, webcasts or through self-guided presentations, Innovation Workshops are highly effective at helping our Smart Partners learn our iterative, lean D3 (Deconstruct-Design-Deploy) agile consulting methodologies.

Growing Together

Growing Together

The 3GiG Smart Partner program offers numerous benefits designed to assist partners in growing their services and consulting business, as well as delivering new software revenue streams through the delivery and deployment of Smart Process Application solutions.