No, not the cars – much better than that!

We’re excited to see that  A Garage Full of Ferraris: How to unleash the potential in your high-performance teams to drive extraordinary results”, a new book on leadership by Keith Johnston is now available for purchase,

FerrarisIn this book Keith takes a unique perspective on leadership, and what it takes to succeed as a leader by introducing us to his ‘Team of Leaders’

– including our own ‘Hippie Chick’, Kandy Lukats –

and then, through a series of stories and insights from each of those leaders about some of the challenges they faced and how they resolved them, he explains, illustrates and deconstructs what it is that makes those people such effective leaders.

Keith reminds us that we can ALL be leaders, and can create success for our companies and our teams by helping people to be their best.  For any aspiring leaders out there, this book is well worth a read! 

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