“In the 1980s, the oil and gas industry was going through the same crew change as it is now. Highly educated workers were laid off and the cycle is repeating itself. Will the industry learn its lesson this time?”

skitch1-232x300In a new article published in the latest (August 2015) edition of Oil & Gas Engineering, writer Pierre Bertrand tackles some of the issues arising from ‘the big crew change’ we are seeing in Oil & Gas, as we are again faced with thousands of departing experienced oil industry professionals – either forced out by low oil prices, or on the verge of retirement- who will be taking their accumulated experience and knowledge with them.

Our own Kandy Lukats, CEO of 3GiG, was interviewed for the story, and while she points out that “companies are better able to use technology in ways that can create a corporate memory of how employees, technicians, and their leadership carry on large capital decision making projects … the problem you have is, if you’ve lived through the 1980s, you were a young upstart and you wouldn’t have been in a management role to understand the impact on the business during that time. Therefore, companies are almost relearning what their predecessors already went through.”

To read more of this article, you can view the online edition of Oil & Gas Engineering here

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