New software tool, Unconventional Rapid Assessment (URA), from our Appra partner, Rose & Associates

From our Appra partner, Rose & Associates, comes the announcement of a new software tool, Unconventional Rapid Assessment (URA), which facilitates the estimation of resources and chance for low permeability opportunities.

PRESS RELEASE: Rose & Associates and 3GiG Announce the Release of Appra

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HOUSTON, May 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Rose & Associates, LLP and 3GiG announce the release of Appra, a flexible software that provides E&P companies with a robust, secure infrastructure to manage their portfolio of exploration and appraisal plays, prospects, and projects from concept through development.


3GiG Releases Prospect Director v5.2

PlatformWe are excited to announce the release and immediate availability of Prospect Director v 5.2, the latest version of our Smart Process Application Platform.

With the introduction of visual application design, new abilities to add and design chart types, and an improved rules engine, we invite our existing customers to install this latest release and immediately begin taking advantage of the new features in the platform.

Feature Why is it important to customers?
Canvas Canvas – our new visual application design surface – is the future of application design in Prospect Director and makes UI and Application design a visual, simple, drag and drop process. For anyone with PowerPoint experience, application design will soon become second nature using Canvas. Rapidly designing the entire look and feel of pages within your Smart Process Application, adding rich behavior and creating a compelling user experience has never been easier, with the complex technical interactions handled automatically in the background. Prospect Director v5.2 ships with both chart and free-form markup components for use within the Canvas design surface with many more components planned for our upcoming releases.
Charts & Graphs Prospect Director has empowered our designers and user community for years with a rich set of data collection, organization and querying capabilities. While viewing data is incredibly useful, visualizing that data through the use of charts and graphs, turn the useful into the compelling and pleasing. Version 5.2 provides the ability to add four different chart types to applications built on our platform – namely Area, Bar, Column and Line. Designers are provided with complete control over what data should be displayed, and with 80+ options for controlling the visual appearance of your charts, communicating exactly the story you want to your user community is nearly unlimited. Again, if you have had experience creating charts in Excel, then creating charts in Prospect Director will be a quick exercise.
Rules & Workflow  Prospect Director v5.2 introduces two new Events to our Rules Engine. Designers can use these Events to validate items of interest to the business as they are being moved through any process/workflow and evaluate its readiness: * Ensure no data is missing / no documentation is lacking, or use your own custom formulas for analysis to determine whether a project is ready for the next phase in its lifecycle. * If rules for progressing are not satisfied, send it back to the team and halt its progress until it meets your custom criteria. Controlling workflow and rules of engagement are completely customizable and can fit the unique needs of your business and company culture … Make your decisions, your way, consistently!