An Executive Vice President at this O&G company, leading the center for long term and strategic innovation projects for the business, needed a means of providing real-time reports to executive and line management on the progress of activities for his team.

With over 150 high level scientists and experts in his business unit, working to provide expert consultative technical services to global asset teams and responsible for corporate-wide GG&E ongoing and new hire education and onboarding, a solution was needed to rapidly identify and promote areas of excellence, while simultaneously helping solve trouble areas or areas of overlap.

Working with a customer team made up of the EVP and line managers, 3GiG designed a system that is easy for busy scientists to use; tracks their activities in the context of the strategic initiatives and focus areas of the company; affords a window for line management to roll up into summary reports; and provides executive management with both summary and in-depth views of the progress and success of the teams work across the enterprise.


  • Duplication of effort across the organization has been reduced as individuals now have improved channels of communication and collaboration with each other.
  • Senior management now has access to a real-time view of the “hot” activities in the company, including summation and commentary from the line managers.
  • The ability to rapidly modify the system to accommodate organizational change and changes in key focus areas, has helped the company roll out a new strategic plan real-time.