BP management were exploring ways to increase production from older fields in East Texas but faced a number of major challenges is assessing/reassessing field reserves and economic potential:

  • Collecting, organizing and analyzing historical data
  • Rapidly integrating and incorporating new data
  • Effectively on-boarding new team members

A ground-up evaluation of the field’s redevelopment potential was needed to identify, gather, clean and interpret valuable historical data, and to create a new reserves and development plan of the field that could be easily accessed by all.


3GiG partnered with RPS Knowledge Reservoir to classify, tag and intelligently organize all the relevant project related data – and using Prospect Director’s highly flexible configuration tools, create an evergreen online knowledge base, ‘locked-down’ to ensure the integrity and quality of the data – yet designed specifically to be easily searchable by any member of the extended asset team.


Team members use the database on an as needed basis to access information, download data and run reports tailored to the individuals discipline, workflow, deliverable, or data type.
As the single source of the study findings and data through several team reorganizations, the Blocker Field Database has significantly decreased the on-boarding time for new team members.
Critical research and ideas hosted in the database were leveraged by regional teams and tied in to field evaluation and development plans for neighboring or analogs fields – increasing the value of the data through repeated leveragability in to other strategic field development evaluations.