Peer reviews at Hess indicated that a common understanding between G&G, Reservoir Engineering and Petrophysics was critical for teams to produce deliverables that could represent the BEST technical estimates of potential reserves and production for an asset. Providing access to a shared set of guidelines, best practices and examples – governed by the leading technical minds in the company – was identified as being fundamental to helping teams develop work plans and strategies that met expectations during the peer review process.

Working collaboratively with a customer team led by their Chief Geologist , 3GiG helped Hess create the Pathfinder 2020 Smart Process Application. Designed to incorporate an evergreen knowledge base of guidelines and examples from across the company, and following the standard subsurface methodologies and expected deliverables, Pathfinder empowers asset teams to create projects and track their progress against a common set of milestones, and can store and collaborate on all deliverables required to be reviewed and approved through the subsurface evaluation process.


  • Development of common language and expectations of key subsurface deliverables.
  • Increasing the standard of deliverables based on right time/right place/right method from each team.
  • Increase the level of knowledge and sharing of best practices and examples from around the company.
  • Increase the level of quality in the work products and delivery of field estimates of reserves and risk.