Recognizing that the majority of information used to move a prospect through a decision process is highly subjective, and requires collaborative input from a multi-disciplinary team, W&T Offshore sought to implement a solution that could enable rapid, real-time comparison and ranking of prospects.

Fundamental to the requirements, the solution needed to present information to the relevant managers using the appropriate language, taxonomies and methods, while also remaining flexible enough to adapt quickly to adjustments in prospect risk and value profiles and changing business requirements.

A joint 3GiG and customer team worked collaboratively to rapidly develop and deploy the Prospect Inventory Database, using 3GiG’s D3 methodology for deconstructing the complex business of prospect management into simple building blocks and empowered the team to “design” a process for managing prospects from concept to completion and create their first Smart Process Application.


  • Rapid prototyping and design delivered a working system in a week, dramatically lowering the software evaluation period and costs.
  • Within months of deployment system was being used for executive management review and budget decision making.
  • System has been continuously evolved in real-time by the client team as company strategy and requirements have changed.
  • Business practice of collecting all leads and prospect in one database and tracking progress has become part of the company culture and everyday work practices.

PNEC Data Integration White Paper