Operations managers for three major business units at the O&G company were using Microsoft Excel workbooks to track the pipeline and prioritization of all operations projects (new drills, work-over’s, recompletions, pipeline and facilities work).

Significant manual effort was required to review the information on a weekly or monthly basis, and there was no record kept of the decisions made by the teams. As a result, resource allocation was often misaligned with the strategic value of a project and it was difficult to compare projects and progress across the business units.


Working together with a customer team lead by the operations managers, 3GiG deconstructed the business processes and tracking workbooks into a Smart Process Application, where all disciplines could collaborate on project status, scope and prioritization in real-time. Using the Work Priorities Database at weekly operational meetings, management can now extract reports to review current and future projects, and look backs on historical work.


  • Rapid create workflows allow team members to quickly add their projects to the inventory, significantly reducing cycle time versus previous methods.
  • Team members collaboratively work to compare and contrast input to the status of a project, giving management a much more comprehensive view of the current state of the project and thus enabling more knowledgeable and informed decisions.
  • Company reorganization was quickly reflected in the system (< 24 hrs.) to ensure projects were tracked accurately in light of the organizational change – significantly faster than would have been possible using more traditional transactional or custom built systems.