Thirty years later, the industry is losing its best and brightest, again

“In the 1980s, the oil and gas industry was going through the same crew change as it is now. Highly educated workers were laid off and the cycle is repeating itself. Will the industry learn its lesson this time?”

skitch1-232x300In a new article published in the latest (August 2015) edition of Oil & Gas Engineering, writer Pierre Bertrand tackles some of the issues arising from ‘the big crew change’ we are seeing in Oil & Gas, as we are again faced with thousands of departing experienced oil industry professionals – either forced out by low oil prices, or on the verge of retirement- who will be taking their accumulated experience and knowledge with them.

Our own Kandy Lukats, CEO of 3GiG, was interviewed for the story, and while she points out that “companies are better able to use technology in ways that can create a corporate memory of how employees, technicians, and their leadership carry on large capital decision making projects … the problem you have is, if you’ve lived through the 1980s, you were a young upstart and you wouldn’t have been in a management role to understand the impact on the business during that time. Therefore, companies are almost relearning what their predecessors already went through.”

To read more of this article, you can view the online edition of Oil & Gas Engineering here


Join us at URTeC 2015 in San Antonio

Industry conditions have companies and professionals tightening their belts and evaluating how best to spend their time and budgets. Finding efficiencies for your company, sharing knowledge and maintaining a culture of continuous improvement are always essential elements for successis – and are even more important during a downturn.


Come visit our booth at URTeC to learn how one leading Oil & Gas company has leveraged our Smart Process Application technology to help capture, rank and execute >$500m in combined Opex and Capex cost savings in just the first quarter of 2015.

How big an impact can your team make to your EBIDTA in the next 90 day?   Let’s talk about how we can help you achieve similar results …  We’re looking forward to seeing you there!


3GiG Releases Prospect Director v5.2

PlatformWe are excited to announce the release and immediate availability of Prospect Director v 5.2, the latest version of our Smart Process Application Platform.

With the introduction of visual application design, new abilities to add and design chart types, and an improved rules engine, we invite our existing customers to install this latest release and immediately begin taking advantage of the new features in the platform.

Feature Why is it important to customers?
Canvas Canvas – our new visual application design surface – is the future of application design in Prospect Director and makes UI and Application design a visual, simple, drag and drop process. For anyone with PowerPoint experience, application design will soon become second nature using Canvas. Rapidly designing the entire look and feel of pages within your Smart Process Application, adding rich behavior and creating a compelling user experience has never been easier, with the complex technical interactions handled automatically in the background. Prospect Director v5.2 ships with both chart and free-form markup components for use within the Canvas design surface with many more components planned for our upcoming releases.
Charts & Graphs Prospect Director has empowered our designers and user community for years with a rich set of data collection, organization and querying capabilities. While viewing data is incredibly useful, visualizing that data through the use of charts and graphs, turn the useful into the compelling and pleasing. Version 5.2 provides the ability to add four different chart types to applications built on our platform – namely Area, Bar, Column and Line. Designers are provided with complete control over what data should be displayed, and with 80+ options for controlling the visual appearance of your charts, communicating exactly the story you want to your user community is nearly unlimited. Again, if you have had experience creating charts in Excel, then creating charts in Prospect Director will be a quick exercise.
Rules & Workflow  Prospect Director v5.2 introduces two new Events to our Rules Engine. Designers can use these Events to validate items of interest to the business as they are being moved through any process/workflow and evaluate its readiness: * Ensure no data is missing / no documentation is lacking, or use your own custom formulas for analysis to determine whether a project is ready for the next phase in its lifecycle. * If rules for progressing are not satisfied, send it back to the team and halt its progress until it meets your custom criteria. Controlling workflow and rules of engagement are completely customizable and can fit the unique needs of your business and company culture … Make your decisions, your way, consistently!

Join us at the Operational Excellence in Oil & Gas event in Houston, Nov 2014

The 5th Annual Operational Excellence in Oil and Gas Summit is taking place in Houston November 3-5, 2014.  This 3-day event provides a unique opportunity for the industry’s Operational Excellence leaders to share and discuss proven best practices for operations performance transformation … and we’re excited to be participating!

OpEx in Oil & Gas

We’re particularly looking forward to Roddy Evans, of Hess Corporation, presentation on Wednesday, Nov 5th – “Achieving and sustaining asset integrity and reliability as part of a holistic operational excellence strategy
We recently recorded a podcast with Roddy – available here – previewing his presentation, and we’re looking forward to hearing more at the Summit about how Hess have leveraged the Opportunity Register (a Smart Process Application, developed on 3GiG’s Prospect Director platform) to encourage and enable a culture of continuous improvement throughout the company.

Visit 3GiG at the AAPG Conference in Houston, April 2014

AAPG-Logo-downloadCome visit 3GiG at the AAPG Conference in Houston, April 2014

3GiG is an integrated technology and services company for the O&G industry, headquartered in Houston, Texas – delivering a Smart Process Application platform designed to help improve the effectiveness of their unstructured, un-automated, human-based collaborative business activities and processes.  We will be exhibiting at this years AAPG conference, and would love to see you there.


Carol Hartupee, Sr Reservoir Engineering Analyst at W&T Offshore, will be joining us on Tuesday April 8th to talk and answer questions about how W&T have leveraged 3GiG’s Prospect Director platform to help manage and improve their prospect inventory lifecycle management processes.wtoffshore




3GiG to present at Smart Field Summit – January 27th and 28th, 2014

Header1_01Join us at the Smart Fields Summit, where our CEO Kandy Lukats will be among the featured speakers.

In a pre-event survey, 44% of respondents believe that the most important component of smart fields’ development is people who are capable of adapting to new technologies and fulfilling their changed role. This result was also supported by the findings that showed that two thirds of the survey participants would like to change their top management’s attitude towards smart fields’ projects.

Join us at this event to learn how others in the O&G industry are answering these key questions:

  • How important is technology, people and process in implementing integrated operations?
  • What is the biggest challenge relating to data management?
  • What are the technical challenges your company is facing in developing smart fields?




3GiG selected to present at the 11th Annual Rice Alliance I.T. and Web Venture Forum



3GiG are pleased to have been selected to present at the 11th Annual Rice Alliance IT and Web Venture Forum, to be hosted December 5th, 2013

The Rice Alliance Annual IT & Web Venture Forum  is the largest conference of its kind in the southwest.  This event represents an opportunity to learn about the latest emerging technologies, meet investors and individuals from the energy and clean technology industry, learn about investment opportunities and promising companies seeking to expand their management team, as well networking with entrepreneurs, researchers, investment professional and business executives.

Learn more about the event here:  http://alliance.rice.edu/2013_it_web_venture_forum/


3GiG Sponsors Hess at Microsoft Global Energy Forum

MS GEF 2013

The Microsoft Global Energy Forum is a prestigious annual technology-focused energy industry event welcoming business leaders in both Business Operations and Information Technology roles.
To complement their value assurance process, Hess has developed a common system for subsurface evaluations performed by asset teams throughout the global E&P business.  This system, the Subsurface Milestone & Deliverables (SMD), was designed to provide guidelines for project management and stewardship, define milestones for the delivery of technical products, set standards for integrity of technical products, and emphasize timely collaboration, documentation and knowledge transfer.
hessIn 2012, HESS began a project to develop an online platform to house the SMD system and overcome the implementation challenge.  In his presentation at the Global Energy Forum – The Path to Knowledge Transfer and Collaboration:  Platforms for Connecting Results with Direction in a Changing E&P Landscape – Rick Beaubouef, Chief Geologist at Hess discusses how the project evolved to create the Hess Pathfinder2020 Smart Process Application.
Pathfinder2020 is one of several Hess applications designed and deployed on 3GiG’s Prospect Director™ platform, which leverages Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, SQL Database solutions and Office Products.  Prospect Director’s interface enables Hess to dynamically and rapidly build structured/unstructured data models and intranet user interfaces for specific use cases or storyboards to support a range of proprietary business decision processes and knowledge management requirements.
Learn more about this project and how it has progressed, here:  Microsoft Global Energy Forum