“What sets 3GiG ahead of the pack is that Prospect Director reduces the development cycle time. Meaning we could develop a concept on the whiteboard and within a short period of time have a proof of concept in the users hands and almost immediately have a working production system.”

Gary Lensing
recently retired CIO Hess

Data Model
Focused on extensibility and configurability and purpose-built for volatility, the Prospect Director™ data model is built around the concept of modeling real world business entities and their interactions in the physical world.
Business Layer
Business processes and their logical sequence of decisions are configured through a browser-based graphical drag-and-drop design interface, allowing users to define complex business rules in a highly intuitive way.
Integrated Reporting
Our proprietary reporting component allows for the rapid creation of custom reports using readily available and ubiquitous tools such as Microsoft Word and Excel, with no third party software or installable components required.

Designed by the business – No software developers required
Many of our upstream O&G clients tell us that “what we need is very specific to our business and our way of doing things!”. Off the shelf software solutions can often be too inflexible to meet their needs, while the time and cost required to custom code a new software application is considered very daunting.3GiG’s Prospect Director technology platform – our Smart Process Application (SPA) Builder “in-a-box” – is designed to specifically address these challenges, allowing the Upstream O&G operational and business leaders to quickly and easily design the application themselves, without needing to involve any software developers.Prospect Director’s data model centers around the modeling of real world business entities and their interactions in the physical world. As you model on a whiteboard how a particular process works today – and how the business would like it to work – you can use our easy and intuitive control panel and process modeling toolset to quickly identify the key entities, information and workflows involved in the process, drag-and-drop the different objects to map their interdependencies, and begin to design your own software application right there in the conference room.

Deploy in weeks, not years
With a working prototype of your Smart Process Application developed and in your hands within a matter of days, 3GiG can then work with your team to expand on that initial design discussion, fine-tuning the process per your organization’s unique set of business and operational requirements:


  • Who is involved in the process, and when?
  • What information do they require / input?
  • For each decision point – what is required? what happens next?
  • Which key tasks / activities / milestones should be tracked?

Prospect Director’s browser-based graphical drag-and-drop design interface allows users to define these business objects and complex business rules in a highly intuitive way as they complete the design of the application.

Additionally, software testing can be completed ‘as-you-go’ in real time, thus allowing SPA’s to be designed, developed, and deployed very quickly and at a fraction of the cost of traditional software development approaches.

Built for change
Smart Process Applications are designed to support your E&P business and operational activities that are people intensive, highly variable and are often loosely structured and subject to frequent change.In the upstream O&G industry, where rapid advances in technology – in unconventional and deep-water, and in gas/oil production optimization capabilities – are unlocking new opportunities for sustained business growth, a company’s competitive edge will be defined by how efficiently it manages and innovates those highly collaborative processes as market dynamics and business priorities change.Prospect Director’s extensible and configurable SPA Builder platform is built for such volatility – providing web based tools that allow administrators to easily and quickly modify the data model on the fly.


The underlying processes and workflows of your upstream O&G business; the relationships and interactions between real world business entities; and the rules governing their use, relevance and lifetime are each defined by the business itself, and can be readily adapted through our drag-and-drop interface to reflect changing business or operational realities.


“I consider that Prospect Director is the freshest idea in just-in-time fit-for-purpose software development to come along in the last 20 years. Its greatest value lies in the ease with which information, workflows, and decision-making can be transparently integrated.”


Tarek Ghazi
CIOC IT and Geoscience Technology