Senior management at this O&G organization wanted to encourage a company-wide culture of innovation, while at the same time ensuring employee focus was maintained on capital discipline, production growth and functional excellence.

A user friendly means of capturing and tracking ideas for improvement, whether revolutionary advances or incremental changes, that could add to the bottom line was needed. Additionally, the solution needed to provide line of sight, ranking and prioritization tools to help management make rapid capital spending decisions based on a view of all the possible opportunities at any given time.

Working with a customer team comprised of management representatives from every function and center of excellence in the company, 3GiG designed and rapidly deployed the Opportunity Register. Designed specifically for ease of use, the Opportunity Register provides quick and easy tools for any employee in the company to create and submit opportunities, while furnishing senior management, custodians, process and business owners with more sophisticated tools to help rank, prioritize and execute the opportunities as determined by strategic or real time operational needs.


  • 1000’s of new ideas collected across 40 assets and 9 countries – with a total value in the 100’s of millions.
  • 10’s of 1000’s BOEPD added to production as a direct result of opportunities implemented.
  • 10’s of millions of dollars of cost savings already realized by opportunities implemented, and more in the pipeline.
  • Profoundly contributed to the company’s strategic direction, significantly increasing the level of participation in and recognition of innovation for success.

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